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Mizukage hot

This is an S-rank mission, I expect you to complete this mission with your life. Naruto wasn't that good in using swords, but this sword somehow felt comfortable in his hands, like he was meant to use it. He sighed at the thought of winter as he took off his Konoha chunin vest. Naruto almost growled when he saw that grin, it was At least this way, she could achieve three things with one sacrifice: One, she would be able to keep Naruto safe.

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Mizukage hot

She slightly turned her head to look at the visitor. Chapter Return of a Hero Chapter 10 PM me if you have any questions or ideas you want to share :. The man never really gave a damn. Chapter Return of a Hero Chapter 15 Inside of the genjutsu, she dreamed of finally getting married while the other Kage attended the ceremony. He didn't take stuff for the other two elders and it wasn't different for this guy. Chapter Alliances Chapter 6 He had ordered a hundred of the special-kunai to be produced, and the owner of the shop said that it would be ready in a week's time, which would be tomorrow, since he ordered it a week ago. These are not topless pictures of Tsunade Senju, but they are still the next best thing.

Mei inwardly groaned. From what she had heard about Akatsuki, they were probably concentrating their attacks to Kumogakure and here. Get help. Rallying the troops there, Mei noted that it was unacceptable to be late to the battlefield as a woman before telling those around her that they were heading out. She's got to say, the boy looked good in his new attire, even the Mizukage was surprised to see him. Chapter Return of a Hero Chapter 9 He glared at the person who stopped him from obtaining the power he needed to avenge his clan. Mei sighed in defeat. The Hokage looked up and let a small smile out. Due to her age, he decided to make her eager to get married as well.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Tsunade sighed, "Yes Naruto, she's the Mizukage. They are later contacted by a reincarnated Hashirama Senju telepathically to update all everyone on what he had uncovered during his battle with Madara. Mei tried to counter Madara's subsequent fire technique , only to pass out with the other Kage from inhaling the surrounding pollen. We are pretty sure that Tsunade Senju tits images are going to make your day a pleasant one. Mei seems to be somewhat sensitive when it comes to her love life, as shown when she misheard Ao say that she was "past marriageable age", and threatened to kill him for such an "insult". Chapter 8: Return of a Hero Chapter 7 9. I said I was sorry, so no beef," Naruto said flatly. He quickly put it on and took the second object from the scroll; a sword.

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It wasn't his fault that he accidentally touched her ass; his hands just acted on its own, without him even knowing. Mei gasped; this kid had broken the line! He did wait to long as Sakura came into view. Tsunade chuckled, "Mizukage-sama, you must remember, the alliance that we are in now won't last. Tsunade grinned, "You see, I've made a deal with the Mizukage here, and part of it is for you to become her bodyguard. Ten seconds had passed, and there was no sign of her so called 'bodyguard'. He was bound to his hospital bed. Her bodyguard? Chapter Alliances Chapter 6 Her long hair, and elaborate hairstyle is also done to aid in this effect.

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His eyes widened in realization — He whipped his body around and pointed a finger accusingly at her, "YOU! She didn't know why, but she suddenly felt attracted to him. He glared at the person who stopped him from obtaining the power he needed to avenge his clan. Part II: cm 1. He then started walking ahead but stopped when Mei didn't move. Two, was that she could get a solid alliance with Kirigakure. His blond hair fell across his eyes, soaked with rain. Ten seconds had passed, and there was no sign of her so called 'bodyguard'.

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Yes, he was a chunin now — he got promoted when by Tsunade when she heard about his victory over Pein. It even managed to burn through Sasuke's Susanoo ribcage. She didn't know why, but she suddenly felt attracted to him. Chapter 3: Return of a Hero Chapter 2 4. And here's the money," Naruto then took out a certain amount of money and left it on the counter. Tsunade sighed, "Yes Naruto, she's the Mizukage. Two bangs are short, with one covering her right eye, and two are long, crossing each other on her bust, just below her chin. Chapter Return of a Hero Chapter 13 It was inappropriate of me.

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When Madara didn't disappear with the technique's deactivation, Mei questioned whether he had been restored. Though four out of the six were critically injured, they were healing amazingly well thanks to the Godiame, Tsunade. Main article: School Trip Arc In the anime, to improve relationships with the two hidden villages, it was approved for Konohagakure's Acadamy class to visit Kirigakure. He was already in his fifties, but he still had a strong body. Luckily though, Kakashi gave him one of his black tank tops that he used to wear when e was in ANBU, and a standard black ninja pants. Naruto was planning to practice all the jutsu that his father left him, mostly the Hiraishin, during his break. It was still under construction, but was close to finish, since the building was one of the places that the Konoha council said had to be up and standing first; though she wondered if the Hokage was using the building right now. Chapter 6: Return of a Hero Chapter 5 7.

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